ICON 2018 is a two-days event around cyber security and artificial intelligence. A Capture The Flag competition will take place on September 14 in Geneva, in which 8 teams will fight for the rescue of NOCI, a fictitious hyper-connected city.

Qualified teams will meet in person in Geneva for 8 hours of hacking, working on challenges on the following topics: Reverse engineering, IOT, Cryptography, Artificial Intelligence, Governance.

The 8 top teams will be qualified for the final event in Geneva.

Contact info: email Twitter.


  • Three challenges are made available on Wednesday 9 August.
  • Qualification round ends on Sunday 9 September, midnight.
  • Each challenge is worth one point.
  • The 8 qualified teams will be picked by top score and then date of last solved challenge.
  • The web or mail infrastructure are not part of the challenge.
  • Qualified teams will require members to be present physically during ICON CTF final
  • One of the challenges is unusual. Please take time to read its specific rules.
  • Join In !

    Get qualified with your team or solo. Create a team or submit a flag.

    • First challengeReverse Engineering

    • Second challengeCryptography

    • Third challengeReverse Engineering (easy)
      Challenge file changed on 14/08 !

    • Fourth challengeGovernance


    Name Score Date (UTC)
    sharknado32018-08-20 17:39:40
    p432018-08-20 19:17:43
    madmonies32018-08-25 18:58:36
    sw1ss32018-08-28 19:00:51
    \J32018-08-29 15:33:11
    DBK32018-09-01 23:15:02
    SeBC32018-09-02 15:32:35
    hackercat22018-08-15 20:21:06
    int3pids22018-08-16 10:35:47
    InfoSecIITR22018-08-29 03:33:43
    System22018-08-29 12:55:34
    FresherMan22018-08-29 15:58:22
    sample_team_122018-08-31 14:47:07
    Brap22018-09-02 00:42:45
    s1m0n322018-09-11 13:56:30
    Fake12018-08-17 14:02:30
    Inshall'hack12018-08-26 08:32:35
    yhql12018-08-26 23:00:36
    arl12018-08-27 20:46:49
    noxale12018-08-28 16:05:28
    BE4HOXVII12018-08-28 16:29:43
    Kappa12018-08-28 17:31:58
    Harekaze12018-08-28 21:17:36
    Djavaa12018-08-29 04:44:36
    Acca_12018-08-29 07:43:13
    azure12018-08-29 10:45:09
    HtsP12018-08-29 19:12:08
    HTsP12018-08-29 19:13:10
    Sice Squad12018-08-30 18:26:00
    babyr00t12018-08-30 20:19:33
    null2root12018-08-30 23:24:41
    DoR12018-09-09 09:48:22
    KornByte12018-09-15 17:30:44

    About ICON

    Based in Geneva Switzerland, in the heart of Europe, ICON NGO (non gouvernemental organisation) federates International community of experts and specialists working on bringing trust in cyberspace, with a focus on cybersecurity and artificial intelligence.Through concrete actions, innovative tools and best practices sharing, ICON NGO seeks to trigger awareness and understanding to share and demystify the information society in order to bring trust into the digital world.As the initiator of a break codes project, ICON NGO is partnering with MCI (an events agency) and cybersecurity thought-leaders to create a unique platform around this topic.

    Here is a little overview of an event organized by ICON with the 42 School in France